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Feeling inefficient or struggling to meet your targets despite your hard work?

We understand! Millions of small business owners feel the same way: Disorganized, forgetful, inefficient, and unable to meet their sale targets. You don’t have to feel that way !

Time is more than money! Don’t work hard, work smartly.
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MAUZOO has helped hundreds of small businesses & sales representatives to shed light on leads, and to discover sales opportunities that would have missed, and to increase sales.
With MAUZOO, growing your business becomes easier.

It is simple to learn &

As a small business owners, we understand you don’t have too much time to spend on learning new tools.
That’s why we built a simple, easy-to-use CRM that derives results.
It takes few minutes to set-up and start getting organized.

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Built by a small business, for small businesses !

Mauzoo helped my team to troubleshoot and trace problems that were affecting revenues; things such as lead conversion rates, or opportunity close rates.
With moozoo, all these issues were easily and quickly identified using queries, and search functions.

John Anderson, RPID

Using mauzoo has been of huge game changer for us.
I used it to easily identify and isolate the 20 % of leads and customers whom would generate 80 % of revenue for my business.
Rules of Pareto, babay! Plus, I like the support team especially this lady called Solange!

- Chandra Vancova

Mauzoo is not the fanciest CRM out here; however, if you are a small business who does want to spend thousands in CRM, this is the tool you need to get organized.
I was paying more money for fancy CRM and use maybe 10% of the functionalities. Learning all of those was a waste of time.
With mauzoo, not only is the tool very very affordable, but also it gives me all what I need to focus on meeting with my contacts.

- Ivana Wong, DORIAN

I’m kind of old school, and yes, I have been resisting to using those CRMs out there.
I was stuck with my excel spreadsheets lists, and I seemed to be okay.
Not knowing what you don’t know right, so recently, a friend of mine convinced me to try the mauzoo CRM …well guess what, I loved it.
Now I’m more organized: I can find easily the information I need, I can take notes while I’m discussing with my contacts.
Once I’m done, I assign the contact to one of the employee before I go back to my office, by an email or message text notification.

- Eduardo Habib , EHABED

Using Mauzoo has been by far the most intelligent decision I have made for my business.
Since we started using this CRM, I have seen an increase of up to 32 % in sales in some industries.
The support team is always there to help you and answer any question related to using the software. Many thanks to the mauzoo team for making available such great tool for that low cost!
Looking forward working with you as long as I’m in sales.

- Mike Nigette Rolings